The largest worldwide Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Hosting platform

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 Integrated support for two-way text messaging (SMS), instant messaging, mobile web and social network interactions

Straightforward per-minute pricing; no investment in hardware or telecom infrastructure

Platform-agnostic application development and industry-leading analytics

Develop, migrate and test your apps for free

Future proof your self-service strategy.

Improve your customer experience, lower support costs and drive sales with Voxeo.

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Inbound IVR

Advanced Call Routing

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Targeted Sales Promotions

Status Updates



Complete Application Lifecycle Management

Multi-channel Self-Service

Multi-channel Analytics

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“Don't ever lose your emphasis on support; it is the
single greatest feature that distinguishes Voxeo from
all the other IVR vendors I've worked with over my
12 year career in the speech-enabled IVR industry.”

Voxeo eases IVR and multi-channel self-service application development, assures solution interoperability, facilitates innovation and destroys vendor lock-in with a 100% open standards approach. At Voxeo, we choose to keep our customers by providing them with a better product and better support - never by locking them in.

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“Can I just simply say: You guys ROCK!  This is
one of my best experiences EVER of getting
comprehensive answers, quick replies, professional
support on any question I have with your product.
It's been a real pleasure to do business with you.”

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